The Shoemaker Brothers are four brothers from Washington State; they moved to Los Angeles last year to play their original music.
In that short year, they have built a huge following in Los Angeles. The demographic of the fan base they have gathered in a year is amazing, the fans range in age from the very young to Baby Boomers. Their original and unique music is so layered and diverse that they receive rave reviews wherever they play. Musicians and fans alike declare this band to be the best live band they have ever heard or seen. The Brothers astound the audience by switching instruments, as they perform, they are all classically trained on string instruments, they all sing lead vocals and harmonies and they all play guitar, piano, drums and bass. The Brothers draw large crowds at all the major venues and are booked and re-booked constantly. They have played Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy, Canyon Club, World Fest, Camarillo Festival, Oak's Music Nights. They have also opened for major acts like Little Feet, Loggins and Messina, Los Lobos, Canned Heat, all this in one short year. For an unknown band just arrived in Los Angeles this kind of progress in such a short time is phenomenal. This is a Band you have to see and hear.